Company Introduction

Huaxing Oriental Technology, our company adopts advanced technical framework, and the application client is short and lean, which is easy to transplant. The company's product lines include ios, android, WP, Kjava and other operating system software products. Our company insists on independent research and development. Products follow the boutique route. Keeping up with the pace of the times, our company takes "creating high-quality mobile entertainment for users" as the company's strategic goal, with the aim of building the company into an outstanding leading enterprise in wireless interactive entertainment. We sincerely welcome partners full of positive energy to join us, because we firmly believe that technology and professionalism are important, as well as attitude and spirit.

Company Philosophy

Our company chooses to be a mover in the industry. We has found that with the increasing technology, we have enough ability to provide rich and diverse products to the world. And this phenomenon is accompanied by the country's policy of encouraging going to sea, which is gradually moving towards explosive growth. Therefore, our company chooses to follow the trend, and we choose to use our capabilities to promote the development of this trend.

Work Environment

A Free and Open Office Environment

Creativity often comes from an open and free working environment. Our company pays attention to an open and diversified office space. We want to create a relaxed and comfortable communication atmosphere, so that every employee can show their talents wantonly.

Enthusiastic and Energetic Companions

Every employee is full of vitality and dreams, and they have a variety of professional skills and experience. Diversified employee backgrounds have brought about the collision of ideas at work. From the burst of inspiration to the realization of goals, every detail of the work shines with their efforts and splendor.

Professional Equipment and Strong Technical Support

If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. To create outstanding performance, professional equipment and strong technical support are indispensable. Our company matches each post with relevant professional equipment, and uses powerful and perfect technology to support the realization of every idea of employees.